The Pyrenees – Spain and France

The Pyrenees Tour is pure riding nirvana.  It is a beautiful ride through the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain and France.  This is a very technical ride with one mountain pass after another, most on very narrow roads. But the remote areas have little traffic and provide a one of a kind riding experience.  For reference, take the beauty and scale of the Beartooth Pass and mix it with the Tail Of The Dragon and you have six days of non-stop turns.  Some of the roads are used for the Tour De France Race.  Due to the road types, average speeds are slower than typical rides as you are using lower gears for much of the ride.  If you like technical riding, this is a must tour.

Day 1: Barcelona, Spain to La Seu d’Urgell, Spain 132 miles

Day 2: La Seu d”Urgell, Spain to Bielsa, Spain   154 miles

Day 3: Bielsa, Spain to Formigal, Huesca, Spain  138 miles

Day 4: Formigal, Huesca, Spain to Formigal, Huesca, Spain 205 miles

Day 5: Formigal, Huesca Spain to Cardona, Spain 213 miles

Day 6: Cardona, Spain to Barcelona Spain 67 miles